99 of 100 Majestic Dawn Card Scans

Update (12 AM): Thanks to Torterra Chips, we now have the scan of Glaceon LV.X! Leafeon LV.X is the only card scan missing now.

Garchomp LV.X (#97)

We are now missing only two card scans from Majestic Dawn – Leafeon LV.X and Glaceon LV.X (sorry Eevee fans). Other than those two, all scans are now posted. If you cannot see new links on the set list page, clear our your browser’s cache / history. Thanks go to Jason, Jared, and Sam for helping to fill in some of the gaps. You can discuss the set and these scans in this forum thread on our forums.

I am still working on the template for theme deck pages, so Forest Guardian and Polar Frost‘s theme deck lists will not be posted until tomorrow. The special holos you get in both decks are the rare Leafeon and Glaceon from the set, and both of those are included on the scan page (even though when you get them out of your booster packs, they will be non-holo).

Majestic Dawn prereleases take place this weekend and next. Be sure to find one one near you if you want to attend (look for the link to the prerelease tournament locater in the 2008 calendar – it’s in the right menu). The set will be available in stores two weeks from this Wednesday (May 21st).