65 Majestic Dawn Scans

Mom's Kindness

There are now 65 scans posted on the Majestic Dawn set list page. If you do not see any new links, try clearing out your browser’s cache. The “Majestic Dawn” link has also been added to the left menu under “Card Scans” so you can access the page in the future.

You can discuss the set and these scans in this forum thread on our forums. More scans will be uploaded either tonight, early in the morning, or tomorrow. We are still missing 35 scans, but considering the set won’t be out in stores for another two weeks or so, I’d say that’s a pretty good number. ;)

Notes: (1) Leafeon [#24] is holo because it is from the Forest Guardian theme deck; the one you get out of booster packs will actually be non-holo. [2] You will notice in the set that there are a lot of random commons and other cards that don’t seem to fit. This is because the recent Japanese Meiji promo set, which we posted translations for a while ago, was included in this set. Shellos East Sea is from that promo set, which is why it seems out of place (because it has no evolution). [3] Darkrai, Manaphy, and the D/P starters with the berries were originally Japanese Player Club promos, but were also included in the set (though the starters are non-holo when they originally were not).