Majestic Dawn Products

A new Ultra-Pro Majestic Dawn binder is set for release in May, and features the theme deck art for Glaceon (on the front) and Leafeon (on the back). It will come in two sizes – a small size (holds 40 cards with ten 4-card pages) and a large size (holds 90 cards with ten 9-card pages). Each will retail for around $7.00 and $9.00, respectively. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

Majestic Dawn Binder featuring Glaceon and Leafeon

As with all sets, a three-pack blister package will also be available, packaged with a Lucario coin, one Great Encounters and two Majestic Dawn booster packs, and a Mime Jr. promo card (which is a reprint of Diamond and Pearl Mime Jr. (#90) with different artwork; it may be holo as well). It will probably retail for around $13.00 to $14.00. Click the thumbnail below to enlarge the blister package.

Majestic Dawn Blister Package featuring a Mime Jr. promo