Darkrai Premium Box

UPDATE on April 8th: We have received confirmation that the Darkrai jumbo card will itself be holo (at a size of 8 x 5 3/4 inches), and that the entire package will retail for around $18.00 (possibly even lower).

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Darkrai Premium Box

A new “Darkrai Premium Box” is set for release on May 12th in stores and will cost around $19.00. Inside the box is a random Diamond and Pearl series theme deck, two booster packs, a holo Darkrai promo card, and a Darkrai jumbo card. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image of the package (ain’t dat effect cool?!).

The Darkrai jumbo is the exact same card as the regular promo, but is not deck-playable, obviously. The last English jumbo card released was “Shadow Lugia,” which was only given out at Nintendo World’s Pokemon XD event for a couple of hours. Thus, this will be the first jumbo card available to the general public in a long time (others released were the 12 jumbo cards in E-Card booster boxes, Base Set Pikachu, and “Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos,” all of which were available in the Wizards of the Coast days).

Darkrai 10th Movie Promo

Darkrai LV.50 – HP 80
Basic Pokemon

Enigma Berry: If Darkrai is damaged by a Fighting Pokemon, remove 4 damage counters from Darkrai.

[W] Spacial Rend: 10 damage. Search your deck for a Stadium card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward. If there is any Stadium card in play, discard it.

[M][M][M] Roar of Time: 80 damage. Search your discard pile for 3 Pokemon, show them to your opponent, and shuffle them into your deck. (If you do not have 3 Pokemon in your discard pile, this attack does nothing.)

Weakness: Fighting +20
Resistance: Psychic -20
Retreat Cost: 2

Darkrai was originally given out during Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai‘s theatrical run in Japan (as a holo card), and is part of the 10th movie promo set collection. Pokemon fans were supposed to buy the collection first, then complete it by getting the card at the movie.