DP5 Scans

EDIT #4: The “[interesting card]” translations are done for now. I would like to thank the biggest Torchic fan in the world (Kirbypopstarhero) for helping with the second batch of translations, since Vincent had to sign off a while ago (thanks go to him as well). We should have the complete set translations later tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how Bangiras feels, since she was ill today in bed.

EDIT #3: All new translations are being posted on [this page] for now (so that this news post doesn’t get clogged up). Refresh the page every few minutes for new translations as we add them – all new translations will be posted on the TOP of the page rather than the bottom (as I was doing with this news post earlier).

You can also check out our theme deck translations, as well as some older main set translations, on our [DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious] page.

EDIT #2: Starting to add translations for “cards of interest” below the DP5 news story, thanks to Vincent. Be sure to refresh the page about every 10 minutes as more cards are translated!

EDIT #1: Added all of the DP5 theme deck scans to the bottom of its scan page, bringing DP5 to a grand total of 146 cards!

130 DP5 Scans – With special thanks to Toho, our usual Japanese set scan source, we now have 130 [DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious card scans], two days before the set is released! The page is organized in alphabetical order by Pokemon, and then by Trainers. If you want to look at all of the card scans at once, click the first image, then hover over the right side, clicking “Next,” to scroll through the rest of the cards like a slideshow.

Bangiras will probably translate all of the cards by later today. If there are any cards of interest during the translation process, they will be posted earlier than the rest.

As for Mesprit LV.X, don’t let its 200-damage attack fool you into thinking it is awesome right off the bat! It needs Uxie LV.X and Azelf LV.X in play and has to discard all energy attached to itself for the attack to work. Depending on what the other two pixies do, the attack may or may not be worth building a deck around… we’ll have to see!

For more information regarding this set, check out our [DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious] page.