Everyone’s Pokemon Ranch

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Everyone's Pokemon RanchMore “Everyone’s Pokemon Ranch” Info – The official “Everyone’s Pokemon Ranch” website updated tonight with more information regarding the downloadable Wii game, which will be available through the Wii Shop Channel for 1000 points ($10.00) starting March 25th in Japan. Release dates for other countries are currently unknown, but it will most likely be available elsewhere soon.

If your family has multiple copies of Diamond and Pearl, it’s okay! One farm can have up to 1000 Pokemon from up to eight Diamond and Pearl games. The transfered Pokemon can only be returned from the farm to the game pack that they were transferred from, though.

Yukari, the owner of the farm, captures one wild Pokemon every day and brings it to your farm. Even if you just download “Everyone’s Pokemon Ranch” and do not use it to store your Pokemon, the farm will still grow with Pokemon that you can interact with. It is unknown if these Pokemon can be transferred to your Diamond or Pearl cartridges. In a feature called “Wanted Pokemon,” Yukari will also show you where to capture Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl that you do not own so that you can complete your D/P Pokedex to a better degree. On occasion, she will even have unique Pokemon that she will trade with you (how often this happens is not stated). You can transfer the Pokemon you receive from her to your Diamond or Pearl game, of course.

It seems as if there is no limit to the amount of Pokemon you can transfer to the farm at a single time (unlike with Pal Park), as the website shows a whole box from D/P being transferred to the Wii. If you have Diamond or Pearl, up to 1000 Pokemon can be transfered to the farm (as we already knew), and they can be arranged according to ability, type, weight, height, etc. As the number of Pokemon increases, the farm becomes larger, as does the variety of camera functions and the number of toys for the Pokemon to play with. The camera becomes capable of moving more freely, you can zoom in on specific Pokemon, and you can view them from any angle you like. Additional Miis can also be placed into the ranch as it grows larger.

Each Pokemon that you see in the farm moves differently, and they can do things like dancing and parading. The Pokemon will cutely play amongst themselves and with the Miis. You can blow a whistle and make them gather around as well.

Thanks go to Bangiras for the detailed translations of the website! She spent two hours checking all of the information.

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