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This is the second update today. Be sure to read the previous news story!

POP 7 “Scans” – We now have fifteen of the seventeen POP 7 scans (not photos). Currently, we are missing the scans for Ampharos and Latias, but we still have the photos of the two from last week, so they are included below with the scans (meaning we now have images of all 17 cards). Click the thumbnails for larger scans / pictures.

Ampharos from POP 7 (#1)Gallade from POP 7 (#2)Latias from POP 7 (#3)Latios from POP 7 (#4)Mothim from POP 7 (#5)Delibird from POP 7 (#6)Flaafy from POP 7 (#7)Kirlia from POP 7 (#8)Stantler from POP 7 (#9)Wormadam Sandy Cloak from POP 7 (#10)Burmy Plant Cloak from POP 7 (#11)Burmy Sandy Cloak from POP 7 (#12)Corsola from POP 7 (#13)Mareep from POP 7 (#14)Ralts from POP 7 (#15)Sentret from POP 7 (#16)Stantler from POP 7 (#17)

As I have said for the past year, I am still working on the new layout and website, and once it is up, we will have scans and set lists for all promo sets. So, you are going to have to refer to this news story for POP 7 scans until everything is up and running.

Pikachu Iraq CNNLife in Iraq – “Kids on Air” is a one-hour children’s television show in Iraq that features several popular franchises from around the world, including Disney and Pokemon. In an interview between CNN and the man who runs the show, Pokemon is mentioned several times, both by the CNN interviewer and two children who are asked questions during the interview (both of them say they like Pokemon). The show is apparently an escape from the troubles of war for kids in Iraq, and is the number one children’s show in the country.

You can watch the CNN interview by clicking here. Thanks go to EeveeLover for giving us the heads-up about this video.

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