The Rise of Darkrai NOT Airing in Theatres

Today I played as Lucario in Brawl! I didn’t like him that much… he didn’t seem very powerful, although I do believe he is an improvement over Mewtwo. Again, I am not the best player, and I am playing the game with a Wii remote, so I can’t exactly say what I am experiencing with the characters is what everyone else will experience when they play the game with Gamecube controllers.

The [Great Encounters scan gallery] has now been added under “Diamond/Pearl sets” in the left menu’s card scans section.

Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai10th Movie NOT Airing in Theaters – It looks like Cartoon Network made quite a large, but accidental error when the Fried Dynamite host stated, “And be sure to catch the U.S. premier of ‘The Rise of Darkrai,’ months before it plays in theaters!” According to a recent mailbag question on, The Rise of Darkrai will not have a theatrical release.

Will Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai be released in theatres?

This may come as a disappointment, but despite what you may have all heard, Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai will not have a theatrical release – it will premier on Cartoon Network then be released on DVD.

In all honesty, this may be a good thing in the long run. When Mewtwo Strikes Back was released in theaters, many movie critics, most notably Roger Ebert, gave the movie extremely poor reviews (it seems Ebert had even walked in to the theater already hating Pokemon and not even understand it, as evident by his review, which I like to read for laughs every now and then). I remember that Pokemon’s popularity quickly diminished because of all the negative reviews and attention, and went “underground” as a result. Diamond and Pearl introduced a new generation of children to Pokemon, and it seems they will not have to deal with as much negative attention as many fans saw in the late 90’s, since Pokemon is now out of its “fad” stage. We won’t see another cycle of “bashing” as we did before, and children will probably not be as afraid to reveal that they like Pokemon in the future, as many older fans are today.