Spring DP Tins

Has news been booming lately or what? I feel like I am doing an update every day.

Spring DP Tins Update – A new product image for the spring Diamond and Pearl tins has revealed that the [DP3: Shining Darkness] alternate art theme deck Dialga Lv.X and Palkia Lv.X cards will be released in the tins, as well as a reprinted Darkrai Lv.X card with never-before-used alternate artwork. All three cards are exactly the same as their [Great Encounters] counterparts, excluding the artwork, of course.

The artwork for Darkrai Lv.X comes from official [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing] set art that was released to fans as wallpaper, as you can see below (from a July 15th, 2007 news story). This could be an “outside of Japan” exclusive card, as it is using art from an old set that the Japanese would probably not print on a card, especially since they have artists at their disposal. Why are we using art for a card in this manner? The Japanese most likely had no plans of making an alternate artwork Darkrai Lv.X card (unlike Dialga and Palkia, which they reprinted with different artwork in the Japanese DP3 theme decks), so Pokemon USA probably had to result to using promotional set artwork. Click the thumbnail of the tins below for a larger image. To see larger versions of the original Darkrai artwork that will be featured on the Darkrai Lv.X tin card, select your screen resolution below the wallpaper thumbnail.

Spring DP Tins 2008 Darkrai Dialga Palkia

Shining Darkness Wallpaper
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