DP5 Visual Book: Heatran Lv.X!

DP5 Visual Book – Like with the “DP2: Mystery of the Lakes” and “DP3: Shining Darkness” card picture book (packaged with a Garchomp Lv.X card) and the “DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing” book (packaged with a Porygon-Z Lv.X card), a new visual book will be released for “[DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious].” Which Lv.X will it feature? Heatran Lv.X!

The DP5 visual book will be released on March 14th in Japan and will cost 750 yen (around $7.00, meaning Heatran Lv.X is worth, at most, that amount). As of now, both Lv.X’s featured in the two released visual books have not come out in America (yet…), so we probably will not get Heatran Lv.X for quite some time. We should have a picture of Heatran Lv.X in the next few weeks, so keep checking back!