There isn’t much news today, but here are some reminders…

Shaymin in Pokemon Battle RevolutionThe March issue of Coro Coro comes out this Friday, February 15th, and it will probably reveal Shaymin and the final title of the 11th Pokemon movie (most likely “Giratina and the Bouquet from the Icy Sky, Shaymin,” or something like that). Since myself and Bangiras are usually awake late at night when scans of Coro Coro are released on the internet, we’ll probably have news and translations of all of the information first.

Following the usual pattern of POP sets being released every six months, POP 7 should be coming out next month (March). Again, we should have early information and scans for this as well (we didn’t have early information for POP 6, but we will for POP 7).