Great Encounters Partial Set List and Information, DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious Translations

Today’s update involves a lot of partial information regarding both the “Great Encounters” and “DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious” sets!

Partial Great Encounters List, Partial Info – We now have our first Great Encounters prerelease information!

The card sleeves that players will receive at the prereleases will feature Darkrai, and will be on a black background like with the Weavile sleeves for Secret Wonders. The sleeve design is almost exactly the same – the only difference is the set logo and the Pokemon silhouette.

We also have a “partial” set list. Unfortunately, as many people deduced from the information we already knew about the English set, Phione, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Eevee, the Eeveelutions, and fossil Pokemon did not make it into the set. Claydol’s status is not known yet, but we should find out soon! As we predicted here, there will be a Diamond and Pearl filler set to fill the gap created by the Japanese DP5 delay, so the aforementioned cards will most likely be in the next American set (it will probably be named “Great Filler” or “Unseen Wonders”).

Holos (11)
1 – Blaziken
2 – Cresselia
3 – Darkrai (DP4)
4 – Darkrai (DP3)
5 – Pachirisu
6 – Porygon-Z
7 – Rotom
8 – Sceptile
9 – Swampert
10 – Tangrowth
11 – Togekiss

Rares (?)
12 – Altaria
16 – Dialga
26 – Palkia

Uncommons (?)
49 – Porygon2

Trainers (6)
97 – Amulet Coin
98 – Felicity’s Drawing
99 – Leftovers
100 – Moonlight Stadium
101 – Premier Ball
102 – Rare Candy

Lv.X’s (4)
103 – Cresselia Lv.X
104 – Darkrai Lv.X
105 – Dialga Lv.X
106 – Palkia Lv.X

Other cards that will be in the English set are DP4’s Latios, Latias, and Lapras. We don’t know their cards numbers at this time.

You can check out translations of the above cards by clicking these links: [DP3: Shining Darkness translations], [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing translations].

For booster pack and theme deck images of the set, check out [this news story]. For card images, read yesterday’s update and view [this news story] (as well as the story below it, which contains the bulk of card images we have).

Remember, we will have early scans of Great Encounters as early as Monday (not likely) and at the latest on Friday (either way, before the prereleases)! We should also have more information about the set between now and then!

Mewtwo Lv.X and Gliscor Lv.X from Japan's DP5Partial Mewtwo Lv.X and Gliscor Lv.X Translations – Following our exclusive coverage of [DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious], we now have partial translations of Mewtwo Lv.X and Gliscor Lv.X! Thanks go to Bangiras for translating the text! From what we can tell, Gliscor Lv.X will have one additional attack, and the same may apply to Mewtwo Lv.X.

Mewtwo Lv.X – Psychic – HP 120
Level Up

Poke-Body: Psychic Shield – As long as this Pokemon is on your Bench, prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to this Pokemon.

[P][P] Giga Burn: 100 damage. Discard all Energy attached to Mewtwo.

Weakness: ?
Resistance: ?
Retreat: 2

Gliscor Lv.X – Fighting – HP 110
Level Up

Poke-Power: Speed Poison – You can use this Poke-Power once when you play this card to Level-Up a Pokemon. The Defending Pokemon is (are?) now Poisoned and Paralyzed.

[F][C] Night Slash: 70 damage. Switch the Defending Pokemon with 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon.

Weakness: ?
Resistance: ?
Retreat: 0