I have very bad news (at least for me). My laptop has been acting up for the past week, and this afternoon it finally died (RIGHT AFTER I turned in my Criminology mini essay – thank the Lord!) It refuses to start, and apparently, the only way I can repair it is if I have a Windows Vista disc. Since it came installed with Vista, they didn’t give me a disk (like they used to do in the old days), so I have to take it in to get repaired. Unfortunately, that means the scans have to go with it – I have no way of accessing them.

Fake Phione Card Great EncountersToday, I WAS going to trick everyone by posting a fake Phione scan that I made (so you would all think it was the surprise until I revealed the real one), but my plan obviously will not be carried out now. I planted a thumbnail of it in the Great Encounters scan directory last night, but no one saw it, so I IM’d its link to a few people, posted a link to it on our own forums (pretending to be a user who found it – I am sure this is where most people saw the link), and finally some people saw it and went around posting the link (ironically claiming they discovered it on their own, or “obtained it” exclusively – silly billies). You can see its thumbnail to the right, obviously (I didn’t upload the large version because it would have obviously revealed it as a fake). I think I did a pretty good job on it, even though the template has some glaring errors. :p

Anyways, I am using a dorm friend’s laptop right now, and need to go back to my room. Hopefully, by some miracle, someone in my hall will have a Vista CD (although that doesn’t necessarily mean it will fix the laptop). If not, I will have to take the laptop in tomorrow to get fixed, and they usually take a week or two to do so. :( We’ll see what happens, though.