20 Great encounters Scans

Geez, some people have become so impatient and rude about me posting scans during this past week, especially yesterday, that it is a little unsettling. I hope you guys realize that I am still a human like most of you, and that I have other work, priorities, and problems in life that I need to deal with first. Family > School > Pokemon. Please remember to show some consideration and respect when emailing me or posting on my forums. Instead of being inconsiderate, it might be more effective to say “thank you” to someone who is going out of their way to post information for you, just as you would hopefully thank other humans in your lives who help you. I don’t get paid to do this and have to make time in a busy schedule to update this site, and having to read so many rude comments from people doesn’t exactly make me want to continue.

In response to the numerous e-mails I keep receiving about Weezing’s Poke-Body, yes, it is stackable. The card was not mistranslated, unlike Banette and Electrode. If you have any other questions about cards, feel free to e-mail me!

20 More “Great Encounters” Scans – I have edited the batch of scans I was planning on posting yesterday, in addition to a few more cards. This batch does not include the “surprise,” since I do not think I will have time to edit it and the other cards in its batch tonight. Some people seem to think the surprise is going to be something TOTALLY awesome, but it’s really nothing too special (I suppose it is my fault for over-hyping it a little in the first scan story). It is just a popular card some people were not sure made it into the set, and you’ll find out what it is tomorrow for sure.

Since I have one more midterm tomorrow, a mini Criminology essay (2 pages), and random Humanities homework and reading, I will most likely not have time to edit a second batch of scans tonight, though I will try my best to do so. I don’t want to stay up until 5:00 again trying to finish homework, though. :/

Tomorrow night, I will post the ENTIRE set list, and perhaps all of our remaining scans. Then on Friday, I will post the Darkrai deck sleeve scan, the Great Encounters advertisement poster, and a PDF printout of all our scans for you to take to the prereleases to remind you of what each of the cards do.

Click the thumbnails below for larger images. To discuss these cards and Great Encounters, check out this forum thread.

Sceptile contains an error in consistency with regard to previous Pokemon cards. Anyone notice it?

[Images No Longer Available]

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