Entry Pack DX, Snap Update

Starting to enter finals studying / testing period… Updates may become less frequent until December 12th.

Updated Entry Pack Translations – The [Entry Pack 2008 translations] have now been updated by Bangiras to include the Raichu deck, which is only available in the “Entry Pack DX” package. Some translation errors from the other day were also fixed, including Empoleon, who is now even better!

Snap Update – The official Pokemon website has revealed that Pokemon Snap will be available for download in America on December 10th, which is only in about a week or so! Also, I did not realize this, but you can also use the Gamecube controller to play Virtual Console games. If you do not own a Classic Wii Controller, you can still play Pokemon Snap on the Wii with your old Gamecube controller! You will still need 1000 Wii points to download Snap, though – no way to get around that requirement!