Status Update

EDIT: The video of the 10th movie was removed from YouTube by the person who put it up, but luckily, someone else uploaded it too. You can watch part 1 by clicking here (you can search for the other nine parts – it’s easy). Also, I keep getting e-mails from people asking what happened to the Japanese Entry Pack 08 translations – they didn’t go anywhere! You can find them here: [ – Link no longer available]. Note the “-dx” at the end.

*Jumps in real quick*

Well, Christmas is over! I hope you all enjoyed the past few days you spent with your family, your friends, yourself, or whomever! If you are Christian, I also hope you reflected on what Christmas is all about, not that I am repeating a common clichéd phrase parents or church usually tell us around the holidays… :p

Anyways, yesterday, the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website revealed Rayquaza as a boss in the game’s adventure mode (you have to fight him to progress, in case you do not know what a boss is). To view a picture of Rayquaza, go to the website.

As usual, I am still working on the new website, the new content, yada yada yada. If I’m lucky, we can expect everything to go up in 10 years. I will definitely say that all of the time I put in to the new layout is going to pay off, especially since when I show the layout to people, they usually go “Wowwww,” as is the case with the detailed pages I have been writing with the help of PokeBeach staff since April. Just keep waiting for the new PokeBeach….. as the hits go down because of me not updating due to the tedious amount of work it takes to put everything together. ;) In case anyone has not noticed, the site as it stands is a wreck – things are not updated, links are busted, newer sets have ugly scans, etc. That’s because it doesn’t make sense for me to work on the old site when I am loading up the new one… it’s like painting a building you are about to demolish. Just wait, just wait… You’ve all waited since April for this new website, so you can wait another 10 years.

If you want to watch Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai, someone has kindly uploaded it to YouTube for us all to preview (and then buy when it comes out in English, of course). You can watch part 1 by clicking here, and then search for the other nine parts (I am in a rush, so I don’t have time to link to them). The movie is very Pokemon 2000ish. I want to say I will have a review for it, but I said the same thing for the Worlds 2006 pictures, the “POP is Going Downhill” article, and whatever else I have promised in the past and didn’t get up, so I ain’t promisin’ nothin’. With having to work on the new website everyday, it is too hard to get anything else done, but when the new website is done, I can go back and do what I previously promised. Enjoy the movie if you watch it! Darkrai is awesome!

Everyone have a safe, fun, and carefree remaining Christmas Break!