Redshark Updated, Organized Play Updates, 10th Movie DVD Released

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Redshark UpdatedRedshark has been updated to version 1.95 as a Christmas present! Some new features include card list window filtering when viewing your deck or discard pile, the inclusion of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Quick Ball trainer support, and many other minor enhancements. To download the updated version, [click here].

Organized Play Updates – The official TCG Organized Play website has announced a change to future player rewards, including details on a new tier system for earning rewards and the inclusion of several new countries in the player rewards program. The website also updated the National Championships FAQ page, providing more details on this year’s Nationals events.

10th Movie Available on DVDDialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai was released on DVD in Japan yesterday, and it is now available for import from several online stores. You can purchase it from either CD Japan, Yes Asia, Play Asia, or Amazon. It’s supposed to be one of the best Pokemon movies (unlike Celebi and Deoxys), so if you can’t wait for the dub to come out, you can buy it early!