Togekiss Game Review, Groundbreakers TFG Set List and Images

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! If you did not, you can always wake up early tomorrow morning for Black Friday and make yourself feel better by buying stuff. :D

Togekiss Pokemon Review – Kevin Garret and Team Eclipse have written their second Pokemon review, this time for [Togekiss]! To comment on their review, you can post in [this forum thread].

New Japanese Promos – Two new Japanese promos, Eevee and Cresselia, will apparently be available through some sort of toy campaign in Japan from November 22nd to December 20th, giving them a limited release. Details are sketchy right now, but we should have translations and more information in the next update!

Cresselia and Eevee Japanese promos

Groundbreakers Set List and Pics – Thanks to Mewchou, we now have the full set list for the second Trading Figure Game set, Groundbreakers, along with images of all of the figures! The set contains exactly 42 figures (none of which are Diamond and Pearl Pokemon), and four are human Pokemon Trainers. The TFG Starter for the set is named “Skydive” and comes with Hariyama, Latios, Raticate and Green. Groundbreakers will be available in stores on December 14th, but you can find the set early at some Wal-Marts right now. Click the image below for a larger scan of the individual figures.

Groundbreakers Set List and Figure Images

  1. Armaldo
  2. Blastoise
  3. Bulbasaur
  4. Cacnea
  5. Cyndaquil
  6. Elekid
  7. Flaaffy
  8. Geodude
  9. Girafarig
  10. Hariyama
  11. Jigglypuff
  12. Kabuto
  13. Kadabra
  14. Lairon
  15. Lapras
  16. Larvitar
  17. Latias
  18. Latios
  19. Linoone
  20. Mankey
  21. Metagross
  22. Mewtwo
  23. Mightyena
  24. Noctowl
  25. Poliwag
  26. Psyduck
  27. Raticate
  28. Slaking
  29. Smoochum
  30. Snubbull
  31. Spinarak
  32. Spinda
  33. Steelix
  34. Venusaur
  35. Wartortle
  36. Wobbuffet
  37. Xatu
  38. Zubat
  39. Green
  40. Koga
  41. Landon
  42. Sabrina