Lati@s, Entei, Rayquaza Card Review

The lack of updates this week can be attributed to (a) no news and (b) me working on the new website content and layout. Sometime during the next week or so, we will be posting an article on the declining state of Pokemon Organized Play (POP), so look forward to that. ;) In other news, did anyone see the new D/P commercial about the GTS?

Next D/P Set Name – The fourth American Diamond and Pearl set will be named Great Encounters, as mistakingly revealed on the official POP site today in the 2007-2008 States FAQ. Since this will most likely be our [Moon Hunting / Night Dashing] set, the name sort of fits… you are encountering Cresselia for the first time, the mascot of the set, as well as Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai (in terms of being Lv.Xs).

New Card Review – A Pokemon that lives in the ozone layer and goes psycho when Deoxys passes through its domain, [Rayquaza ex d from EX Dragon Frontiers] is Team Stunky’s third card review. Dendrobatida, Teddiursa, Muffins, and Woody give their thoughts on Rayquaza and what deck this tech can fit in. If you would like to comment on their card review or on Rayquaza ex d, you can post in this forum thread.

Latios y Latias in SSBB, Better Entei Pics – Thanks to SkittyoW, we have now confirmed that Latios y Latias are available as Poke Ball item Pokemon in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. When released, they fly across the screen in zig-zag patterns, striking characters and dealing quite a bit of damage. Unfortunately, we do not have screenshots of them right now, but we will try to get them soon. SkittyoW has also given us better quality screenshots of Entei, which you can view below by clicking the thumbnails.

Entei in SSBBEntei in SSBBEntei in SSBB

Oh Mr. Resetti…

As of today, Pokemon known to be available in Poke Balls are Goldeen, Chikorita, Deoxys, Groudon, Munchlax, Piplup, Kyogre, Torchic, Snorlax, Gardevoir, Meowth, Entei, Latios, and Latias.

Winter Challenge Promos – A larger image of the “Winter Challenge” Leafeon promo has been released, as well as a brand new Glaceon! Both promos will be given to people who attend the “Winter Challenge” tournaments in Japan between now and January, and hopefully, we will have translations of both cards tomorrow. As usual, click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

Leafeon and Glaceon Winter Challenge Promos

Japan will soon be getting the alternate-art Torterra Lv.X, Infernape Lv.X, and Empoleon Lv.X cards that we received in those tins a month or so ago (we are not sure how, but the official Japanese site mentions them – they might somehow be available at the Winter Challenges, or in product released soon). Time-Space Distortion will be released for a second time as a tournament promo, and this time, it will be at the Winter Challenges (again, we are not sure how a player will be able to obtain them – it seems as if you will need to earn a certain amount of points at the tournament to receive one, but this has not been confirmed). A Palkia medal trainer card is also pictured on the official Japanese site as a Winter Challenge promo, and it appears that it will be given to tournament winners or people who perform extremely well (the details on how to get it are sketchy at this point – this seems to be the case with ALL of the cards mentioned above… grrrr!). Both promos are pictured below (click for a larger image).

Time-Space Distortion Palkia Medal Card

New Japanese Holos – If you go to a Pokemon Center in Japan and trade a card with an employee, you will receive a holo reprint of one of eight cards (which were previously not holo cards). The cards became available a few days ago in Pokemon Centers, and will only be available during this month. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

Japanese Pokemon Center Holos