MT List, POP 6/League, BR Interview

Still on vacation. I know I promised the “riddle” translation the other day, but I keep having to edit Mysterious Treasures scans, which takes up a lot of my time. So, I am going to have to wait until after we finish all of them off to post it (which should be either tomorrow or the day after).

Mysterious Treasures Set List and More Scans – The [Mysterious Treasures set list] is now up! Thanks go to BenLugia and DocRobot for helping to fill in some of the missing blanks on the list, and GL Mo for scanning in more cards for us, bringing our total amount of card scans to over 90. ALL of the missing scans will be up by either tomorrow or the day after, so be sure to check back for them!

Next League Season (POP 6 Confirmed) – The next Pokemon League era will feature Diamond and Pearl cities, starting with the Oreburgh City season. Participants will have the opportunity to earn their Coal Badge, POP 6 booster packs, and holographic Fighting energy cards. The Oreburgh City season will start on September 15th and will conclude on October 20th. One can assume that the Eternia City season will start right after (Perhaps with holo Grass energy?). In terms of POP 6, we will bring you more information on what cards are within the promo set within the next few weeks!

Battle Revolution Creators has posted an interview with the creators / makers of Pokemon Battle Revolution. The interview gives insight on how the game was made, the ideology behind it, and an extremely interesting question-and-answer session that covers a variety of details related to working on the game over a 10-month span. (Could some of the ideas that were scrapped from PBR, due to time constraints, make it to the next Wii game for Pokemon? Hmmm…).