MT Scans, Lucario Tin

EDIT on Saturday morning:ALL of the [Mysterious Treasures scans] are now up! Thanks goes to DocRobot for sending us the missing Feraligatr scan! Enjoy, and remember to refresh the page several times or clear your cache if you cannot see the updated page with the Feraligatr link!

Sorry for the downtime yesterday and today – our host was having serious issues with their servers (maybe they spilled water on them). If you experience any downtime or errors today (which is more than likely), try to refresh the page you are on several times. If you go to the forums, make sure to copy your posts before you submit them, since due to the problems with the host, errors are happening everywhere and you may lose your post when submitting it!

ALL Mysterious Treasures Scans – We now have all of the [Mysterious Treasures scans], with a huge thanks going to Leo Orta for sending in the missing images as of our previous update. If the set list does not show links to the newer scans, it is because your browser is showing you an older version of the set list page. Try refreshing the page several times or clearing your cache to solve this problem.

Lucario TinNew Lucario Tin – A new Lucario tin will be available in stores on December 3rd, featuring a holographic Lucario Lv.X that is exactly the same as [its Mysterious Treasures counterpart], except that the card features alternate Lucario artwork. The tin will contain the holo Lucario Lv.X card, three Mysterious Treasures booster packs, and one Diamond and Pearl booster pack. In terms of cost, it will most likely range from $20.00 to $25.00, depending on where it is purchased. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image of the tin.

PokeBeach Strategists – Do you love helping your friends with building and discussing decks, strategies, and cards? Do you take enjoyment in fiercely debating the pros and cons of single cards, and why certain cards will work and others will not? Are you the local TCG know-it-all who bequeaths his or her knowledge to others on a constant basis, and is always the one yielding advice and help?

If any of the above describes you, perhaps you would like to join our PokeBeach Strategist program, which serves to deliver card reviews to visitors of this site. Working on a team with two other members, a PokeBeach Strategist writes a comprehensive review on a card of choice (such as [this review on Salamence d] or [Tyranitar ex d]), usually only once per week, to cover every aspect of a good (or bad) card. The reviews are then posted on this page (the main page) for thousands of visitors to read. A Strategist reviews a card that will help visitors in various ways, whether it comes to building a deck based around a certain card (or cards), learning the weaknesses and strengths of a card and how it is used in combination with other cards, or perhaps how a card functions in the current metagame.

The workload of a Strategist is not intensive, especially since you are on a team with two other people, reviewing only one card per week (however, it does require you to be dedicated to your job – we do not want anyone reviewing only a few cards, then quitting within a few weeks or months). Currently, we are only accepting twelve people, from which four teams of three people will be formed. We will choose people based on how well they have performed in tournaments, as well as grammar and spelling skills. If you feel you are qualified for the job, including that you will be willing to write a card review article of sizable length every week with your team mates (the job of a Strategist), you can sign up in this forum thread with your tournament record, and anything else you want to tell us about yourself. Thank you to all who try out – we appreciate anyone’s help in trying to help others in the TCG community!