Busy + CN + Redshark

Last night for AP Government, a friend and I created a video project on the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution using dolls (Yes, we are still being bombarded with projects). For the 1st amendment, we burned a Pikachu to represent the 1st amendment’s “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion” clauses, and later this weekend, when I edit the video, I will post the particular scene, since it is so funny and deserves to be in the spot light! I almost lost my voice from doing so many doll voices last night, but the first amendment’s voices were hilarious. :D

Redshark – The surprise will be up later tonight for testing. Today, I am going to Knotts’ Soak City for my brother’s birthday, so there is no time right now to post it. In the meantime, you can speculate on what the surprise is by clicking here.

Cartoon Network Airing 2000 Pounds of Episodes – Today and tomorrow, Cartoon Network will be having an ENTIRE programming schedule dedicated just to Pokemon episodes. Today, they will be airing:

06:00 AM – “The Problem with Paras”
06:30 AM – “Holy Matrimony”
07:00 AM – “The Ultimate Test”
07:30 AM – “The Breeding Center Secret”
08:00 AM – “Showdown in Pewter City”
08:30 AM – “The Path to the Pokemon League”
09:00 AM – “The School of Hard Knocks”
09:30 AM – “Princess vs. Princess”
10:00 AM – “Riddle Me This”
10:30 AM – “Volcanic Panic”
11:00 AM – “Clefairy Tales”
11:30 AM – “The Pi-Kahuna”
12:00 PM – “A Friend in Deed”
12:30 PM – “Friend & Foe Alike”
01:00 PM – “Hello Pummelo”
01:30 PM – “Enter the Dragonite”
02:00 PM – “Don’t Touch That ‘Dile”
02:30 PM – “The Double Trouble Header”
03:00 PM – “The Chikorita Rescue”
03:30 PM – “Charizard’s Burning Ambition”
04:00 PM – “Wired for Battle”
04:30 PM – “A Goldenrod Opportunity”
05:00 PM – “A Dairy Tale Ending”
05:30 PM – “Air Time”
06:00 PM – “UnBEARable”
06:30 PM – “The Wayward Wobbuffet”
07:00 PM – “The Heartbreak of Brock”
07:30 PM – “Turning Over a New Bayleef”
08:00 PM – “The Perfect Match!”
08:30 PM – “The Mystery Is History”
09:00 PM – “A Parent Trapped!”
09:30 PM – “A Promise Is A Promise”
10:00 PM – “For Ho-Oh The BeEll Tolls”
10:30 PM – “Just Waiting On A Friend”