Not dead

EDIT on Sunday Night: I am STILL busy with school projects this weekend, and probably will continue to be for the earlier part of this week. Just a few more weeks of high school left, and I will be able to devote so much more time to this site…

Sorry for not updating recently. Since it is the end of the year (especially since it’s Senior year in high school), our teachers are throwing every project that they can at us, including video projects, PowerPoint presentations, and in-class skits (for English, Bio, Math, Spanish, Gov, etc.). It feels like I have been working on a project every night this past week, and I STILL have one I.B. test left (Espanol, yo). So, I will try to get in an update before the weekend.

On a website-related note, we will have a HUGE surprise around next weekend. It is one that has taken one full year (as of June) to get to version one.