Ahh! Friday the 13th! Expect something bad to happen, unless you perform some good-luck ritual to prevent it! I have been working on transparent Ken Sugimori Diamond and Pearl Pokemon images, so I will probably have them up sometime next week.

PokeBeach Wi-Fi League – Diamond and Pearl are not even out, yet the Wi-Fi League here is already booming! If you are going to buy Diamond and Pearl, or have Pokemon from your Gameboy games that you are going to transfer to D/P and then trade to other people, what are you waiting for? Read this thread on our forums to get started, and if you have not actually joined our forums yet, register here! People in our league are already arranging to trade Shaymin, Darkrai (from the glitch in D/P), Manaphy, R/S Pokemon, shiny Pokemon, and everything else possible (except Arceus, since it’s not available yet), and both battles and tournaments will soon follow, once players establish well-rounded teams! Get a head start and join our Wi-Fi League – it takes literally under two minutes to make your “My Player” thread, and the entire process is not complicated at all (I even label the steps!). You never know if that shiny Pokemon you want is available here from someone, and it is traded to someone else (yes, that is the guilt factor to make you join).

IGN Reviews D/PIGN has obtained English versions of Diamond and Pearl, and has already posted videos, screenshots, and information from the games. To view their opening article on Pokemon Pearl, which contains links at the end of it for media from the games, click here.

LoudredHEY! Let everyone else hear! – It’s bad enough that people are constantly coming to me at school and complaining about everything under the sun, but now it’s happening online – a lot, and it seriously feels like I am spending hours talking to people everyday just about problems with Pokemon (just one more reason why I have a limited social life outside of the computer). For the past week, I have been getting more IMs than usual, with people expressing genuine concerns about Pokemon, especially the TCG and organized play, and I have found myself saying more and more to several people “Hey, why don’t you write an article about it?”

This is where the fandom comes in! Do YOU have a concern, opinion, or problem with Pokemon, such as how things are run, how things are organized, or how things just generally are? Do you think there is a slight possibility that others feel the same, and that if many people share the same opinion, you might be able to raise attention about the certain issue and maybe get something fixed or improved? Well, guess what? You can do something productive with your complaint! If you are passionate enough about your belief (and I don’t mean psycho passionate where you will kill to get your way or never give up even when chances of getting your problems fixed are 0%), open Microsoft Word, type up a well-constructed article using spell check and the green underlines, and e-mail it to wpmpb [at] with the subject title of your article. I will post it on the main page for everyone to read if it is appropriate, and will even make a forum thread where people can discuss your issue. We’ll call it an “opinion column,” only it won’t be a column, and your article will be available on the main page. How’s that? So, instead of complaining to me on AIM, making me sit through conversations all the time where I am not interested and have to keep repeating “lol,” “haha,” “cool,” and other fillers in various sequences a bot could do, now others who are interested in what you have to say can read about it and take action! ^_^

EX Power Keepers Scans – Shakespeare has sent me new, “digitally mastered for superior picture and sound,” scans of EX Power Keepers. You can view them by [clicking here]. We only have a few more holes to fill until Shakespeare has edited almost every single English card in existence (Yes, that includes promos. He already edited those, but I have not put them up yet since we are going to change the coding behind the displaying of scans). Look forward to it!