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The fourth generation is officially released today! And people say Pokemon is dead…

Join the PokeBeach D/P Wi-Fi League – Our forums have been re-designed to celebrate Diamond and Pearl, and if you went to the store this morning to get your copy of one or both of the games, you should join our Wi-Fi League on our forums along with many other players! In our Wi-Fi League, you can negotiate trading of both items and Pokemon in your very own “My Player” thread, setup tournaments, and battle others instantly by making a thread every time you want to start a battle (with your own rules and without the clutter of a dozen or so people talking in a chat room all at once)! The advantage to joining our League is that you can search through other player threads to find Pokemon you want, or you can specify Pokemon you are looking for, since the Global Trade Station within the two games only allows you to trade Pokemon you yourself have encountered in the wild or Pokemon that you own (for example, if you have not come across a Darkrai in D/P, but you want one, you cannot trade for one with the GTS). It is also much easier to find shiny Pokemon, since many players have posted what shiny Pokemon they have. You can also specify how you want to battle beforehand, plus search for people to battle with! It is extremely easy to join this league and to make your own thread (or topic) – it literally will take you under three minutes, so what are you waiting for? To get started, register on our forums (if you are not already a member), read this thread, and you will be up and running within minutes!

PhioneKen Sugimori Diamond and Pearl Images – It has taken me about two weeks, but I finally finished making all of the Ken Sugimori Diamond and Pearl Pokemon images transparent. The only two Pokemon missing are Shaymin and Arceus, since those two images have not officially been released yet. You can view all of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon images, along with all of the official English names, by visiting our Ken Sugimori Pokemon page (the old, large images that were not transparent have been removed for now). Please note that these images are for private use only (such as in your signatures and avatars, your own self-created images, etc.), so please do not steal them for your own website or web page and place them in a gallery such as the one above or on your pages, since they took me several weeks to work on (however, feel free to make your own). If you do use them, please be sure to provide credit to us. Thank you! Next, I will be working on the shiny versions of each of them, so stay tuned!

Diamond and Pearl Episodes for Viewing – If you missed the three Diamond and Pearl episodes that aired as a movie together on Cartoon Network this past Friday, you can now watch them here temporarily! You can view them by [clicking here]. All three episodes are together, and since I started to record them about 30 seconds after the whole thing started to air, I missed the entire intro song. However, someone has posted it on YouTube, so you can watch it here. The episodes will be taken down within the next few days, so watch them while you can!