I haven’t been updating because the repair store lost my laptop and I have been trying to track it down for the past week! After yelling at the top of my lungs on the phone to seven people (literally!) over the course of the past four days, I finally found out that my laptop is in Mexico, when it should be in Texas being fixed. -_- I finally made it through to the corporate office and talked to a representative who was extremely rude to me, even though I was courteous (funny how kids act better than adults at times). I tried to explain my laptop was central to my work, including school (!!!) and my Pokemon website, and that they should have fixed it a long time ago, and the man said “Who the [bleep] even likes Pokemon anymore? (he was annoyed with me because he thought I was acting like a know-it-all in explaining what was wrong with my laptop and in knowing how their company works with repairs – they don’t like it when you know more than them, even when you are being nice about it)” I was totally blown away by what he said and demanded to talk to his boss, and he transferred me. Twenty minutes later, I talked to a very nice woman and she told me what I needed to know after calling a couple of other people/places, and she even apologized to me about the man. So, I will not get my laptop back until probably a week or so from tomorrow. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened – three years ago, my old laptop was sent to England via a plane when it should have remained in the store near my house (which is in CA). Joy. :D

Quick News Tidbits – I don’t have any major news stories right now because of a lack of time, so I’ll just give the cold, hard news without any fluff (some of the news is old since I have not had time to post it recently). The Diamond and Pearl English booster packs will have 10 cards in them instead of the usual 9 (and old 11), and the set will feature three theme decks instead of the normal two. Meowth346 (the webmaster of the old Pokemon website, PokeFor) and I are working on the next version of the Modified Card-Dex (details later), which will feature new improvements and interactivity. Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea airs on Cartoon Network at 7:00 PM on March 23rd, Friday, and the movie trailer can be seen on the front page of PokemonCenter.com. (spoilers) Brock is going to obtain a Happiny and Ash a Buizel before the 10th Pokemon movie comes out in Japan, as revealed by an official Dialga vs. Palkia movie poster recently uploaded to the internet. Hmmm, what else? …. I think that’s it! Don’t forget that TCG States will continue next weekend! PokeBeach’s podcast has been delayed because of my laptop, so we will probably not have the first episode until two Saturdays from now (that is the… 24th, the day after Manaphy airs on CN). If you want to be a call-in guest or a regular on the podcast, please post in this story’s news thread! To be a regular, you will need to know everything about Pokemon (the games, TCG, and Anime). Post your experience in the thread (your personality, knowledge, etc.)! We will probably only select one person.