EDIT #1: All translations, except Croconaw, are now available for viewing by [clicking here]. Thanks go to Bangiras and nimonosandes for making them!

So sleepy…. Since this was a big update tonight and I did not have enough time to write other news stories, I will try to do so tomorrow, or by Friday.

DP2: The Mystery of the Lakes Scans (115) and Translations – Thanks to nimonosandes, we now have 115 Mystery of the Lake scans before the set has even been released! You can view the scans by [clicking here]. Translations for most of the cards can also be found by [clicking here], and were created by Bangiras. With several poison-type Pokemon in this set being classified as psychic, as was the case with the first Diamond and Pearl TCG set, we can now officially say that poison-type Pokemon (such as Crobat, Drapion, Croagunk, etc.) in the TCG are psychic-types now (justification: purple is the color of poison in Pokemon – purple is the color of the psychic symbol – I don’t know :p). Thanks also goes to Porygon for creating the list for me, since editing the 115 scans took forever and I could not do everything at once. The list is organized by type and is alphabetized, is not complete, and is not in the correct order of the card numbers – there was no time to work on it, so the links are just there for the scans we have and are not in any official order. Tomorrow, if I have time, more scans will be put up, as well as more translations and information.

Abra, ???????, Alakazam? – While there are Abra and Alakazam in this set, from looking at the OFFICIAL set list, unless there was a huge oversight, there is NO Kadabra card. The scans also suggest that there is no Kadabra, since we have most of the uncommon and common cards, and Kadabra is missing. When I talked to one of the Pokemon Card Game Japanese creators at Worlds 2006 and asked her about Abra and Kadabra, I wrote up a story:

Abra and Kadabra – Not on Cards for an Unknown, Real Reason – I must have walked all over the entire room asking PCL members about why Abra and Kadabra do not have cards yet (in the EX blocks), showing them the Japanese text for their names so they knew who I was talking about. None of them really knew until I talked to the last girl. When I asked her, she said she knew what I was talking about, and that they knew they had not made them into cards yet. When I asked her WHY they were not made into cards, she laughed and said she could not tell. I asked if it was because of a magician (the Yuri Gueller guy or whatever his name was who got mad over Kadabra), but she did not know what I was talking about (probably because I messed up the guy’s name), so I asked again, and she made a “my lips are zipped motion” and laughed (so giggly these Japanese fellows are). I had talked to her before about different Pokemon-related topics, and she had never tried to hide anything from me, but when it came to this particular topic, she zipped her mouth (literally). So, I suppose there is a reason why they never made them into cards, since she did acknowledge that they knew they had not made them (which means they did not just forget about them), but that reason is still unclear, and most likely will never be revealed to us – unless I get it out of one of them tomorrow. :p

It seems as if Kadabra will never be made into a card again. At this point, it only appears that you can get from Abra to Alakazam with Rare Candy or by using one of Abra’s attacks that allow it to evolve directly into Alakazam (see translations above).