Spring Tins, Seismic Toss

It looks like we are going to begin doing podcasts sometime soon, since every single person who posted about the idea yesterday said, “Yes!” to it. We honestly are not sure how we are going to do them or what we are going to do them on, so if you have any suggestions (especially for the first podcast), please feel free to post in this story’s news thread!

2007 Spring TCG TinsEX Spring Tins Update – As mentioned in the news story on February 7th, three new EX tins will be released in March (for around $14 each, not $20), featuring Milotic, Camerupt, and Tyranitar on the actual tins. We now know that the tins will come packaged with holo versions of past EX POP cards, including Celebi ex, Ho-Oh ex, and Tyranitar ex. These tins are supposed to also come with one of three Diamond and Pearl Pokemon cards, but they apparently will not be the featured cards within the tins, since as the image shows on the right (click for a larger picture), the holo Exs are in the window of each tin. Hopefully we will find out soon what D/P Pokemon are available in the tins!

Seismic Toss a Wailord? – Wailord are huge and heavy Pokemon, and you would think that it would be near impossible to use Seismic Toss on one (if Pokemon were real, that is – you can definitely use the move on it in the games). The video below is a funny, 15-second clip from Pokemon Battle Revolution in which a Blissey lifts the huge Pokemon and successfully performs Seismic Toss on it, without even breaking a sweat! It is kind of funny how a small Blissey (by comparison) can perform such an attack on the largest Pokemon in existence. If you have not seen the attack animation before, you will be amazed at the improvements PBR has made to previous games!