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EDIT #4: eI_at10s has sent us better quality images of those holo League energy from the other day, and they look completely different. You can see them under the sprites of the D/P Pokemon.

EDIT #3: Pochama controversy! One product image called Pochama, Pochama, but another image (and all the pog images, for that matter) shows it as something else, ending in a Y and having a name much shorter than “Pochama.” What will Pochama’s name be? The two different names are a testament to the fact that all of the D/P names are still tentative, since the products the names are taken off of will not be released for months to come (plus the fact that Pachirisu does not sound like it would be suitable for American audiences, at least in my opinion).

EDIT #2: And yet another new image has helped us to further clarify some of the English names below.

EDIT: A new image has helped us to further clarify some of the English names below.

English Diamond and Pearl Names – In New York right now, the 2007 Toy Fair is currently taking place, with Jakks-Pacific presenting a whole new line of Pokemon toys for Diamond and Pearl! We sent Blastoise-shellshocker to the event last night, but it was closed, and we asked him to go again this morning (since he lives so close). However, he discovered that the event is only open to the public media and industrial companies, and only they are allowed to attend the show (which we did not know earlier…). Luckily, some websites are covering the event, such as ASM, and have taken several pictures of the Diamond and Pearl merchandise, which you can view in a gallery here. One of the product images for a pog matching game shows several pogs lain out across a display, with English Diamond and Pearl Pokemon names on them, and you can view the image with those names by clicking here! While the names are not final yet and are still tentative, considering that this event is to show future items that have the potential of changing, several of the Pokemon names are distinguishable, and we have them listed for you below (some may be off by a little, since some of the names are extremely hard to read and can be misconstrued). Hopefully later tonight, we will receive a higher-quality image, or at least more information. Names in bold are correct for sure, names with dashes after them are partial, and everything else is subject to change or we are unsure if the names are read correctly from the image above. The sprites below the list are in the same order as the names before them, and if you want to see more Diamond and Pearl sprites, you can view our D/P Sprite Gallery.

  1. Naetle – Turtwig
  2. Hizokaru – Chimchar
  3. Pochama – Two different images say different names. One is Pochama, and the other is something else.
  4. Nyarmar – Glameow
  5. Karanakushi – Shelios or Snelios
  6. Elekible – Electivire
  7. Beappa – ???
  8. Fuwaride – ???
  9. Tatetops – Shieldon
  10. Perap – Chatot
  11. Kolink – Spinx
  12. Scorpi – Scorp—
  13. Pachirisu – Pachirisu
  14. Flowsel – Floatsel
  15. Koroboshi – Kricketot
  16. Subomie – Bud—
  17. Mimirol – Buneary
  18. Mukurru – Starly
  19. Greggle – Croalurk
  20. Pinpuku – Happini
  21. Masukippa – Carnivine
  22. Tamanta – Mantyke
  23. Buoysel – Buizel

[Images No Longer Available]

Holo League Energy – Click one of the league energy below to view a larger image. Hover over the left or right side of each image to scroll through all of the larger images.

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