I viewed this website in Internet Explorer at school today, and the spacing between paragraphs was much greater than I intend it to look (especially the bullet points from yesterday – they were too far to the left). The right menu was also one pixel to the right and was overlapping the content. I have looked at my site on IE before with it looking exactly how I wanted, so I don’t know if it was just the computer I was using, or if I somehow recently altered something in the CSS of the site by accident. If you guys can provide screenshots of how this website looks in Internet Explorer (and, what the heck, other browsers like Opera and Safari), please post them in this thread on our forums. Gracias! *goes to finish USC application*

Pokemon #2 Best-Selling Game Franchise of All Time – According to a Next Generation article, Pokemon is the #2 best selling game franchise of all time, following its Nintendo partner, Mario. While Mario has been out much, much longer than Pokemon, our favorite franchise is not that far behind in sales compared to it, meaning that Pokemon could beat Mario sometime in the near future. As I always say, “And people say Pokemon is dead?” You can view the complete list below, obtained from the Next Generation article.

1. ‘Mario’: 193 million.
2. ‘Pokémon’: 155 million
3. ‘Final Fantasy’: 68 million
4. ‘Madden NFL’: 56 million
5. ‘The Sims’: 54 million
6. ‘Grand Theft Auto’: 50 million
7. ‘Donkey Kong’: 48 million (center)
8. ‘The Legend of Zelda’: 47 million
9. ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’: 44 million
10. ‘Gran Turismo’: 44 million
11. ‘Lineage’: 43 million
12. ‘Dragon Quest’: 41 million
13. ‘Crash Bandicoot’: 34 million
14. ‘Resident Evil’: 31 million
15. ‘James Bond’: 30 million
16. ‘Tomb Raider’: 30 million
17. ‘Mega Man’: 26 million
18. ‘Command & Conquer’: 25 million
19. ‘Street Fighter’: 25 million
20. ‘Mortal Kombat’: 20 million