LC, DP Set, Ep

EDIT: For some reason, the video does not seem to work in some people’s Internet Explorer browsers. I have no idea why not, but I am researching to find the solution. If you have Firefox or want to download it, you can watch the video in it without any sort of trouble.

This week has been extremely busy. Next week, as well as the week after, most of my time will be consumed as well, since we are beginning to head into semester finals. Therefore, I will try to update as often as possible! *prays that he does well with the Spanish and Math finals*

Legendary Collection Scans Up! – This is the last set we needed, and now its scans are up! We now have scans for every single set, minus a couple of scans missing from some of the EX sets, but I will try to get those up by tomorrow (don’t count on it with my punctuality)! You can view the Legendary Collection scans by [clicking here], and all other TCG set scans under “Card Scans and Lists” in the left menu. A huge thank-you goes to Shakespeare, who both scanned and edited all of the cards! Without him, we would not have any of the scans we have today!

Diamond and Pearl Set in America – I have discovered the pre-release dates for America’s Diamond and Pearl TCG set! They will occur on the weekends of April 28 and May 5th, which are about three months away from now. Mark your calendars! Hopefully, we will discover substantial D/P American set information within the next month, so continue to check back here!

Duels of the Jungle – Since I woke up at 6:00 AM on Saturday and had a DVD+RW handy, I recorded the new episode of Pokemon, “Duels of the Jungle.” It will be removed within the next few days, so if you missed it on Saturday when it was on Cartoon Network, you better watch it now!

[Video No Longer Available]