DP2, Ken Art

Those who see the eyes of that Pokemon will lose their memory, never to return. Those who touch that Pokemon will lose their emotions for three days. Those who harm that Pokemon will not be able to move for seven days, and will be unable to do anything. So the legend says…

Yuxie, Emurit, AgnomeNext Diamond and Pearl Set Information – We now have information on the next Diamond and Pearl set to come out in Japan in March! The set will feature the three lakes of Sinnoh, which are the Lake of Wisdom, the Lake of Trust, and the Lake of Aspiration, as well as the three legendary Pokemon that reside in the lakes, which are Yuxie (God of Knowledge), Emurit (God of Emotion), and Agnome (God of Will). The two theme decks will feature the Pokemon Trideps and Rampard, and will include fossil Pokemon found in the underground regions of Sinnoh. The main set, as with [Pokemon Card Game: DP], will contain cards from the theme decks, but this time, there will be alternate art for repeated cards included in the set (I wonder how this will be handled when the set comes to America). There will also be three more Pokemon Lv.X cards in the set, although we do not know which at this time. The most interesting tidbit of information about this set is that some Pokemon will combine with Pokemon Tool cards, similar to how Holon Pokemon combined with energy cards, so this will yet again bring a new mechanic to the game. Thanks go to Vincent for translating the above information, and TRUK for finding some of the information. For the sake of referring to this set, we will call it Pokemon Card Game: DP 2, since as of now, we do not know the set’s name. Stay tuned, as we will bring you all of the latest information on this set!

New Sugimori Art Added – With help from nYoo, I have added thirty new Diamond and Pearl [Ken Sugimori] images to our [Pokemon Images] gallery. Check them out! Also, several new Pokemon that have not had their individual Ken Sugimori art released can be seen on this magazine cover page, including Glacia, Leafia, Togekiss, and others.