PCG DP Theme Deck Translations

Everyone’s homework between now and Sunday is to call a relative (if you call more than one, I will assign you extra credit) and tell them how much you love them. You may regret not doing so one day if you suddenly find out you missed your chance forever.

PCG DP Card Translations and New Images – Bangiras has translated the Diamond and Pearl starters and their evolutions from the Pokemon Card Game DP decks. You can view them in [this text document]. The [Pokemon Card Game DP] page has also been updated with pictures of new cards. From looking at just Goukazaru’s card, it looks as if the area where text is written on the cards (as in, every other place except the picture) is sparkly, which could mean a new style of holos will be introduced with this next set. We will see once scans are released, since the pictures are not too clear right now to tell us for sure…

Japanese DP Intro – I forgot to post this the other day, so I will post it now. When the Diamond and Pearl episodes began to air in Japan, a new intro aired as well, and you can view / listen to it below. I wonder what instrument that is in the beginning? It also looks like a certain new girl is going to be catching a Mimilolu soon…

“The Terrifying Mirage Pokemon!” – The Japanese version of America’s “Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon” is now available on the internet to watch for free, but in Japanese! You can check out all of the Japanese voices and how the voice actors portray their characters in the original version! It is interesting to note that the intro for the special is the same one that was in American’s version, even though this is the Japanese version. You can watch the video for free by clicking here. The video will launch in Windows Media Player.

Pokemon Battle Revolution Poster – Not much to say – it’s just a poster. You can see the computer models of the starters, as well as an attack animation, though.

Pokemon Battle Revolution