We should have the [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl] entry pack translations within the next few days. Be sure to check back soon!

EX Dragon Frontier Scans Coming Soon – There is a good chance we will have EX Dragon Frontier scans either late Friday night or early Saturday morning. You can visit our chat room on Friday night (or anytime you want just to chat!) to check when we will have them or when we are receiving them. If you can scan cards yourself, please e-mail me for details (even if you have before – please :p). Remember, pre-releases start this weekend, and you can check for locations near you by clicking here.

Forums: Sign Up! – The forums have been redesigned, and now is the time to join, especially with EX Dragon Frontiers coming out soon and all of the discussion that will be going on about the set. You can also join the forums to talk about the Anime and Games, too – anything Pokemon! Click here to join the forums or click here to visit the forums.