EDIT: Added Worlds 2006 deck news.

Diamond and Pearl are making my teachers and their homework cry. :(

Diamond and Pearl Sprites – Well, pictures of sprites. These sprites come from Jianhen, but we are missing about twenty. You can view the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon list with the new sprites by [clicking here]. Also, I now just realized the mini-sprites were not working in Internet Explorer (which is a bad browser to use – use Firefox), so I have now fixed that. Enjoy the new Pokemans! ;)

Diamond and Pearl PokeDex Coming – Within the next week, we will be adding a Diamond and Pearl PokeDex, so stay tuned for it! It will be our first PokeDex, and hopefully, it will turn out well! Below are a few samples of PokeDex entries Bangiras has translated:

Regigigas – A legend has been passed down saying that it can move a continent by pulling it with rope.

Togekiss – It will not appear in areas where quarrels erupt. Lately it has not been seen.

Riolu – It uses the waves that emanate from its body to alert its friends when it’s scared, sad, or in danger.

Worlds 2006 Decks – The Worlds 2006 decks, which are the exact deck lists used by various winners of the Worlds 2006 Championships that occured in August, will be available on October 31st (Halloween!). The decks are a great way to teach other people how to play the Pokemon TCG, since they were decks used by World Champions! However, the cards in the decks are not tournament legal and have special backs, so you cannot use any of the cards in any tournaments. The people featured are Jason Klazynski (15+ winner) and his Manectric ex deck, Jimmy Ballard (15+ second place) and his Eeveelution deck, Miska Saari (11-14 winner) and his Lunasol (?) deck, and Hiroyuki Yano (10- winner) and his LBS (?) deck. Click the thumbnails below for larger pictures.

Worlds 2006 DecksWorlds 2006 Deck BacksWorlds 2006 Manectric exWorlds 2006 Flareon exWorlds 2006 SolrockWorlds 2006 Lugia ex

(I know I have been neglecting the TCG, such as the new DP set, but we will try to get on it once we have time to breathe).