DP Dex

EDIT:Thanks to Eevee, Zhen Lin, pika, and Pipian, we now have sprites extracted from the game on our PokeDex page! Read the news story below for our PokeDex. Later on today, I will add the rest of the sprites, including back views, shiny views, all genders, etc.

Toughest week of school ever. I almost went out to buy Head-On for all of the headaches I was getting from all of the homework and make-up work from when I was in the car crash. “Apply it to the head, head on! Apply it to the head, head on! Apply it to the head, head on!”

Diamond and Pearl PokeDex Up! – Click [this link] to view the PokeDex! Included in the PokeDex are sprites, mini-sprites, updated Diamond and Pearl Japanese romanizations, PokeDex entries translated from the games (which I like the best, since we get to see information on the new Pokemon – check out the legendary’s info), Base Stats, Height, Weight, Abilities, Egg Groups, Breeding Information, Genders, and other stuff! Huge thank-you’s go to Bangiras and DocRobot. Bangiras collected all of the information from her Diamond and Pearl games (as well as the roms), and DocRobot helped to create the layouts for the PokeDex entries. All of the PokeDex entries are on one page for now, until we decide the PokeDex is near completion and can put all of the entries on their own individual pages. Some of the sprites are still not in the PokeDex, so you will see red x’s if you are using Internet Explorer for now. We will continue to update the PokeDex as we receive more information from our games, and we will notify you here! Enjoy!