EDIT #2: Bangiras has translated the entry packs for the PCG: DP set. You can view them by [clicking here].

EDIT: Twenty-one scans up, thanks to JWABEANIE. Alchemist_Almighty will also be sending in around sixty scans tonight, and if I don’t fall asleep, I will put them up. If I do fall asleep, you will see them tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be a cool day. The Diamond and Pearl set is coming out in Japan, which means we will be receiving a lot of information, and EX Dragon Frontiers is going to be leaked here! Plus, I am going to be at home because of a teacher development day, so I can post everything as soon as I get it!

EX Dragon Frontiers Scans and Set List – We now have the EX Dragon Frontiers set list, as well as several scans. You can view the scans and list by [clicking here]. To discuss the set, since we will be your #1 source for it, be sure to post in this thread on our forums.

Diamond and Pearl Set News – We have learned of new information regarding the D/P set. Pluspower from Base Set is going to be in the entry packs, as well as Manaphy (in the Pocchama theme deck). We will obviously have a ton of news tomorrow, but with this news today, it seems like again we are going back to the Base Set days… To view information on the set, check out our [Pokemon Card Game: DP] page. You can also discuss the set in this thread.