Worlds – Sat

EDIT #1: We now have the top 32 results! Click here for the final standings! When I get home tonight, I will also have some POP 4 news and images, Abra and Kadabra card news, Diamond and Pearl news confirmed Fakemon news, and much more, so be sure to check back!

Worlds is underway, and thanks to Sarah S., I have some internet for now to update the site with. :p This may be my last time on the net while at Worlds, and if it is, I will update when I get home.

Pokemon TCG Worlds 2006Current Worlds Rankings – I have taken pictures of the round 2 postings, which shows the current players’ records and who they are now playing. You can view the pages below. Note that the names are in order of first name.

EDIT: Whoops, didn’t see this before. You can find the most current results on the Worlds Mini-Site if you want to check how people are doing or what their standings are.

Here is a list of some of the better known players’ decks, which was compiled by both myself and Matt Dunford.

  • Martin Moreno – Raichu / Exeggutor
  • Chuck Brosseau – Dragtrode
  • Ross Cawthon – Lunatone / Dark Electrode (?)
  • John Kettler – Ludicargo
  • Sebastian Crema – Electrode ex / Dark TTar (BombTrode)
  • Tom Dolezal – Ludicargo
  • Jason Klaczynski – Mewtric
  • Matt Moss – Banette ex / Medicham ex
  • Mike Pramawat – Banette ex / Medicham ex
  • Chris Fulop – LBS
  • Japanese players – mostly LBS

The Grinders, which ended around 3:00 AM last night (o_O), saw six of the Japanese make it through, with two Americans going to Worlds with them. Tsug. Yamato, one of the better known Japanese players, came in 12th place, missing out on Worlds, while Bangiras (who helps us with translations), justtt missed it by 9th place. :( Right now, there are so many players at Worlds that I would not be surprised if someone found their long lost twin, and I will be sure to update with more news, pictures, and info later on tonight when I get home!

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