Two DP

EDIT #2: Name, information, and pictures of the bird-like Pokemon shadow added below the bullet points.

EDIT #1: Bullet points of info added below the new shadows.

Two New Pokemon Shadows – The official Diamond and Pearl website has released two new shadows of Pokemon! One appears to be a bird, and the other looks like some sort of lion. We will have much more images and information later, so be sure to check back!

Two New Diamond and Pearl Pokemon

The following translations were done by me and may not be totally accurate. Bangiras is not online right now, so I can’t check them with her. I will have this corrected soon, and hopefully all of it is correct.

  • The lady in the Gamefreak room who said the starters would be of the Fighting / Darkness / Psychic types mentions that she would like to see a pre-evolution of Lucario. A lot of people have been suggesting Lucario is not a legendary, so it might just be Gamefreak hearing this fan speculation and adding to it with their jabs. Who knows.
  • Ken Sugimori mentions a pre-evolved form of Roselia.
  • Elekible’s (Electabuzz evo) Giga Impact is an electric version of Hyper Beam, just like Hydro Cannon is the water-version. It does the same damage and you must recharge the next turn.
  • Elekible’s Electric Engine ability increases Elekible’s speed and prevents it from taking any damage when hit by an electric attack.
  • You can trade Pokemon worldwide via WiFi, and you can put up your own Pokemon for trade so that others can trade you. You will NOT need a friend code to trade through this way. You can also specify what Pokemon you are looking for, including gender and level. Each time you trade someone, their location will be added to a worldwide map in your game.
  • Trainers will now receive rankings for battling others. More on this later.
  • This bread-box-type-thingie-ma-bob may be the replacement for PokeBlocks.
  • You can hear Naetoru, Hikozaru, and Pocchama’s cries on this video from YouTube. Hikozaru’s cry is awesome.
  • More info later.

Mukkuru – Two screenshots of a new Pokemon, Mukkuru, have been floating around the internet for a few hours now. The screenshots appear to be legitimate, so we will take them for real now. It is the same Pokemon as the second shadow above, as shown by its shape. Click the thumbnails below for larger images.


  • Mukkuru
  • 0.3m, 2.0kg
  • Normal / Flying
  • The Starling Pokemon.
  • Number 10 in the Shino PokeDex.
  • It comes together in large flocks and has powerful wings.