EX CG List

EDIT #1: People are scanning cards for me right now (as of 11:00 PM PST), so I will be updating the site with them in a few hours. Be sure to check back! In the meantime, if you want to know when the scans will come in, anything about the set, or want to chat about it, feel free to visit thechat room!

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EX Crystal Guardians Set List and Info – Thanks to BenLugia and TheDarkTwins, we now have the complete EX Crystal Guardians set list. Many more rarities than usual were changed in this set from that of the Japanese cards, with some cards changing from uncommon to rare, and some going from rare to uncommon. There is also no boxtopper in the set, and no secret cards, but the pre-release promo is Ivysaur (#35). The deck box given out at the pre-releases are blue and feature Blastoise, and are slightly larger than the previous deck boxes, being able to fit sleeved cards better. You can view the set list by [clicking here]. Note that some of the energy types are incorrect, as I have not had time to go through the Japanese spoilers due to my limited internet connection. I will fix the energy types as I receive scans. If you can scan cards from the pre-releases, please scan them at 200 DPI (or about twice the size of the current scans), and send them in an attachment to [email protected]. Thank you!