EX CG Scans

EDIT #3: [Most of the scans] are now up – we now have around ninety. If you cannot see the new links, clear your cache. A huge thanks goes to Metal Master and DarkJake, who helped scan and get together all of the card images for us. Thanks also goes to eI_at10s, Deka, and John Obrain for sending in scans. I lost a couple of scans in downloading them all from e-mails, links, and instant messages, but I will eventually find them all and post them tomorrow. At the moment, all we need are scans of Blaziken ex and Delcatty ex, and then we should have every single scan by tomorrow afternoon when I return from my vacation. Note that the set list still contains some energy type errors, but I will fix them tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the scans!

EDIT #2: Thanks to DarkJake, eI_at10s, and Deka, we now have many more [EX Crystal Guardians scans]. More are on there way as I type this post. Keep checking back! If you cannot see the new scan links, clear your cache.

EDIT #1: Thanks to several people who I will credit later, I have been sent a ton of scans (yes, 2000 pounds). I am slowwwwlllyyy downloading them now, and I will edit them and have them up within a few hours, so keep checking back! Just a notice – I am not sure how much time I have left for the internet, since I am only given 20 hours on dialup, so if I do not update, my internet died.

Please read the previous update for information on EX Crystal Guardians. If you can scan cards from the pre-releases today and tomorrow, please scan them at 200 DPI (or about twice the size of our current scans) and send them to [email protected]. Thank you!

Seventeen EX Crystal Guardians Scans – Thanks to Metal Master, we now have some EX Crystal Guardians scans! To view the set list where the scans are located, [click here], or click on “Scans” on the EX Crystal Guardians image in the right menu. I will be adding scans throughout the day as I receive them, and I should be receiving the bulk of the scans between tonight and tomorrow, so be sure to keep checking back here! Also, if you go to the pre-releases today and tomorrow, be sure to put Swalot in your deck!

EX Crystal Guardians Deck Box and Pin – You will hopefully receive these at your pre-release if supplies last. If not, there is always eBay. ;) Click the thumbnails for larger images.

EX Crystal Guardians Pre-Release PinEX Crystal Guardians Pre-Release Deck Box