CG Pre Pre Scans

Eye yi yi, Lucy. The news just does not want to stop coming in today – all while I am on slow dialup and have to post stories with lots of images. Seriously folks, if you are still using dialup, you have no idea what you are missing out on with DSL / Cable. Read the previous news story on the Diamond and Pearl starters if you have not been here today yet. Tomorrow, we will have a new card review.

EX Crystal Guardians Images – PokeBlob has been able to obtain a Pokemon World magazine containing several pre-release EX Crystal Guardians images (not scans – computer images). He scanned the pages containing the images, and you can see all of the cards below. The images are not the best of quality, but you can at least read the text on the cards. Remember, between Friday and Saturday, we will have EX Crystal Guardians scans from the pre-releases, so be sure to check back here for the scans as usual! If you yourself can scan some cards, please e-mail or PM me for details on how the cards should be scanned and sent here. Thank you!