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Diamond and Pearl Starters and Other Info – All of the information below is translated by Bangiras and is from the Japanese magazine Coro-Coro. Click the thumbnails below for larger images (note that the page is split into two images). The first three Pokemon in the first image are the Diamond and Pearl starters. As we told you in a previous news story, GameFreak in the past has said things about their games that did not turn out to be true. The Darkness / Fighting / Psychic starter thing they said on the official Diamond and Pearl website a few weeks ago is now false, and you can now dismiss all of the fake Pokemon floating around that appear to be of those types.

Diamond and Pearl Starters - Naetoru, Hikozaru, PocchamaDiamond and Pearl Information

  • Naetoru (Grass Starter) is the Little Root Pokemon. It is pure Grass, with Overgrow as its ability. Its name means sappling+tortoise.
  • Hikozaru (Fire Starter) is the Baby Monkey Pokemon. It is pure Fire and has Blaze as its ability. Its name means “little flame monkey.”
  • Pocchama (Water Starter) is the Penguin Pokemon. It is pure Water, with Torrent as its ability. His name is a combination of “pocchan” and “shamo,” which means “rookie fighting bird.” Perhaps it will be a Water and Fighting Pokemon in its final evolution?
  • The (confirmed) Electabuzz evo is called Elekiburu and his special ability is Electric Engine. It raises his Speed.
  • Elekiburu learns an attack called Giga Impact.
  • Rozureido is a Bouquet Pokemon, Grass/Poison, with Natural Cure and Poison Point.
  • Lucario learns an attack called Feint, and it can hit through Protect/Detect.
  • Perap learns an attack called Chatter and it confuses the opponent. You can record your voice into the DS microphone and he repeats it when he does the move.
  • Drapion learns Poison Spikes, and when a new Pokemon enters the field it gets poisoned. It’s like Spikes, but instead of doing damage, it poisons.
  • Bonsly is Pearl-exclusive and Mime Jr. is Diamond-exclusive.
  • Mime Jr. has Soundproof and Filter as its abilities.
  • Bonsly has Rock Head and Sturdy as its abilities.