Nada Going on – There is no news. Seriously, I can’t find any. :p So, to show I am still alive, I’ll just post my progress with content. I have been working on EX Holon Phantoms scans for the past few days, and have about fourty scans done (because of their weird holo effect, it takes about five times longer to work on them than a regular holo scan – I spent 15 minutes on some!). I am going to try to finish them this week. I am also making the scans a little larger this time around, and making the watermark a bit smaller, so people can still somewhat make avatars out of the scans and not have the watermark totally ruin the picture. Then I will jump back to EX Unseen Forces, since I am missing a lot of scans from it, and after that, I guess I will work on more scans and content.

I will be going on vacation Thursday, and I do not know if I will have internet this time. The past three or four times, I have been able to get it, but who knows what could happen this time. I will be on vacation during the EX CG pre-releases, so the only way I can work on scans is for people to send them to me to work on (which was the case last year, and the year before). If you happen to get any cards and have a scanner, please drop me an e-mail!

And since there is nothing to comment on, I leave you with this old Pokemon spoof video that everyone has probably already seen by now. :p There are no freaky green ladies in this one.