Comic Con

Summer school is OVER!!!!! MOOHAHAHAHA!! Now I can get some stuff done!

Comic-con Pokemon Schedule – If you are going to Comic-con and are involved in the trading card game, then you will definitely want to check out the TCG events schedule. Click here to view it. There are free TCG drafts too!

Well, one more week until we meet the new voice actors and get to see the Lucario dub (for me at least – MOOHAHAHAHAHA). Remember, I will try to record / take pictures of / quote everything I can. If the convention has WiFi enabled (as in, wireless internet), I may even report everything live from the event. We’ll see… And remember, if you want me to ask the voice actors or PUSA representatives anything, feel free to post your questions in this news topic’s thread.

I’ve been thinking lately. Since Diamond and Pearl are coming out towards the end of September, and usually Japanese TCG sets are within three months of each other, wouldn’t that mean we get a new set at the beginning of September? Could the TCG be revealing new Pokemon in that set, or will the first Diamond and Pearl set come out after the games are released? Could the next set be delayed until after the games, and not be within three months of the last one? What do you think? Post your opinions in this news story’s thread!