Comic-Con Media

EDIT #1: I was just e-mailed by PUSA with this info “The only thing I wanted to clear up on your post is that Bonsly is
pronounced Bon-sly — officially. The pun is that it’s a “sly” “bonsai” tree, you don’t realize it’s a Pokémon. Regardless of what others say by accident, I wanted you to know the actual pronunciation.”

Lots of media today. I would suggest opening everything in your browser except the conference, which I would save on to my computer and then listen to.

Voice Actors Conference Audio – I was so frustrated and annoyed at the questions fans were asking. “What is your favorite Pokemon?” and Brock-flirting questions were standard. I think I asked the only serious questions, like the “Is PUSA going to change the music every four seconds and change the food to American food” question. Oy.

Comic-con Voice Actors Conference – 33 MBs

Excerpt of Re-Dubbed Mastermind with New VAs

Please give credit where credit is due. :) Also, the second audio file above is an excerpt from the conference audio file. Thus, if you want to hear the reaction of fans and PUSA, listen to the entire conference.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Audio Clips – The following clips are of the main movie characters and the re-mixed Regi voices. The part in the movie where Ho-Oh’s voice is partly changed to Pid-jit’s is also included (all clips are in order of the movie).

Comic-con Video and Pics – My camera also doubles as a camcorder, so I took a video too!

EX Crystal Guardians Blaziken Booster – I forgot to post this the other day. Click the thumbnail below for a larger picture.

EX Crystal Guardians Blaziken Booster Pack