Review, Lucario, PC Products

The response to the new VAs was extremely positive on all fronts. Barely anyone disliked them, and PUSA is most likely taking in all of the feedback people have been posting (such as Ash sounding too girly). Also, I am re-doing the EX Holon Phantoms scans now, and they should be up soon.

ATM Rock Card Review – Our strategists have reviewed Ancient Technical Machine [Rock] from EX Hidden Legends. We will now be posting the reviews on the website instead of the forums, and you can comment on the reviews (such as agreeing with them, pointing out errors, expanding on their thoughts…) on our forums from now on. So, to read ATM Rock’s review, [click here], and to comment on the reviews for it, click here.

Few More Lucario Clips – People were requesting to hear Bonsly, Weavile, Mime Jr., and Queen (Lady?) Eileen, so I decided to post them. Note that 4Kids mispronounced Bonsly’s name – it should be Bon-sly, not Bon-zlee (as pointed out by a PUSA representative yesterday).

Also, since some people could not get the Battle Frontier opening to play yesterday, I put it into a different format to watch. Click here to watch it. I would suggest you right click the link and download it if it does not play in your browser. Note that the video is dark because the room in which it was filmed in was dark. :p

Pokemon Showcase – It looks like PUSA has taken to television now with advertising new Pokemon products. They must have taken the idea of advertising products this way from the Shop ‘N Squirtle (or whatever its called) show on Pokemon Channel. Anyways, the video below on YouTube shows off a lot of their unique products – a lot of products that you probably haven’t seen if you don’t frequent the Pokemon Center website. Just watching it makes me want to buy some of them (the Ash statue, Pokemon watch, plushies…).