No news today, just an update on stuff. Tomorrow, Verizon (my DSL provider) will be sending a guy down to my house to fix our DSL, since the wires are, for some reason, messed up. I should have regular internet again tomorrow, and then I will be able to do things again. Also, the layout is just about done – I just need some people to test it for me. I think I will add it to the site when it is done, and then add the new content throughout the summer. I don’t think I am going to finish R/S this week with all the layout stuff I have been doing – it will probably take the rest of the week to add the layout anyways (probably even some of next week). So, if all goes well (which it never does, but maybe it will for once), I can start hard-core, sitting down for six hours at a time, drinking lots of water, watching Miyazaki movies in the background, getting headaches from staring at the LCD for so long, acquiring cramps in my hands, SCAN editing by sometime mid next week (you have to be me to understand this sentence). When I finish editing the EX blocks, I’ll go back in time to Base Set.