It’s one in the morning and I have almost finished the new layout! This update is probably one of my more informal ones – I am too tired to sound professional tonight. :p

Pokemon TCG Website – Attention official Pokemon TCG Website updaters! The “Worlds 2006” wallpaper link on your website does not link to any wallpaper at all, but to some red foreign website! Better fix it before people notice! (oooops…) This update was going to be about the new wallpaper on the official TCG site in celebration of Worlds, but the link unfortunately takes you to some website titled “dev taso.” The link also contains the words “Michael” and “Jackson” on the page, and mentions a couple of times “18” and “$,” so I think it would be wise for someone to fix that link ASAP. Not to mention the background image of vodka. Is this a new way to play the TCG or something? ::

New Layout Progress – Unlike a certain other website that is keeping their new layout a big secret, I am showing you the progress with ours! The picture below is a small, unrevealing preview of what the new layout will basically look like (it looks pretty basic from the screenshot, but it’s not). I have purposely “messed up” the header and images in it because I don’t want anyone seeing them until the layout is done. Anyways, from the picture below, you can see that the new layout will involve a “drop-down” menu and a right menu, with the left menu gone. With the drop-down menu, you won’t have to scroll halfway down the page to get those Fake TCG blanks! You’ll just access the menu at the very top and pick whatever you want. The right menu will basically be the same as before, just with the content in a different order and an absence of quizzes. Also, the new layout will allow me to change the themes of the site easier, such as the header and background-image that will now be in the layout, which makes my life easier and gives more variety to the site. Anyways, I probably am not making too much sense since I am so tired, so I am going to go to sleep! I did not spell check / grammar check this, so forgive me for any errors!

*drops dead in bed and has a dream where Manaphy takes him below the ocean*