4Kids Admits Defeat – Old VAs will not be returning

4Kids Admits Defeat – Old VAs will NOT be Returning – I still have no internet. :( However, what I do have is temporary, 10-minute access to the internet, so I spent my time talking to a certain 4Kids source about the voice actors change. I believe I may be the only webmaster who has sources with both PUSA and 4Kids, and from talking to both, as I have said before, the old voice actors will never be able to come back and PUSA will be using new voice actors. 4Kids has now admitted defeat, as shown by the log below, so I suppose that unofficially, the decision has been finalized, and nothing can be done anymore to save our voice actors (if anything could have ever been done, that is):

[20:37] PokeBeachWebsite: Any word with what is going on with 4Kids and losing the license?
[20:38] Reliable_Source: We had a lovely wrap party.
[20:38] *** Auto-response sent to Reliable_Source: I am currently away from the computer.
[20:38] PokeBeachWebsite: What?
[20:38] PokeBeachWebsite: What is that?
[20:38] Reliable_Source: When a show ends, or wraps, everyone gets together for a party.
[20:39] PokeBeachWebsite: Oh, so all the VAs were together?
[20:39] Reliable_Source: Yup, and the producers, and others.
[20:39] PokeBeachWebsite: Did you guys talk about anything regarding what happened? Can you enlighten us? Most fans are frustrated with the fact that 4Kids has not said anything at all.
[20:40] Reliable_Source: It was all off the record, and I’m not about to put in on the record. That’s not my job.
[20:40] Reliable_Source: *it
[20:41] PokeBeachWebsite: Can you at least tell if there is anything that can be done to get the old VAs back? Or is it done now?
[20:41] Reliable_Source: The fat lady has sung.
[20:41] PokeBeachWebsite: Darn
[20:42] PokeBeachWebsite: You guys honestly don’t know anything? :(
[20:42] Reliable_Source: From what I read, they wanted to save money by hiring cheaper talent.
[20:43] Reliable_Source: I’m sure some people know more, but I didn’t ask, and they didn’t tell.
[20:43] PokeBeachWebsite: I heard from PUSA directly that it was because 4Kids was asking for too much money or something…
[20:43] PokeBeachWebsite: Both sides blame each other, lol
[20:43] Reliable_Source: Could be. Don’t know. I’m just an independent contractor.
[20:43] PokeBeachWebsite: ic
[20:43] PokeBeachWebsite: Do you know how many fans have fought their hardest to get you guys back and how much time they have devoted to the cause?
[20:44] Reliable_Source: Yup. That’s awfully nice.
[20:44] PokeBeachWebsite: Well, would it be okay for me to post that “The fat lady has sung” so that they can devote their time to other things now? People will still fight unless someone tells them it’s over.
[20:45] Reliable_Source: Sure. Just don’t attach my name to it, please. You may refer to me as “a reliable source,” or event “Deep Throatémon”
[20:45] Reliable_Source: *even
[20:45] PokeBeachWebsite: Deep wha?
[20:46] Reliable_Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Throat_(Watergate)
[20:46] Reliable_Source: I made a pun. That’s what I do.
[20:46] PokeBeachWebsite: lol
[20:46] PokeBeachWebsite: I studied Watergate and never heard that term :p
[20:47] Reliable_Source: Ummmmm, he was kind of a big part of it.
[20:47] PokeBeachWebsite: Well, guess I didn’t study well enough :p
[20:47] Reliable_Source: Perhaps not.
[20:48] PokeBeachWebsite: lol
[20:48] PokeBeachWebsite: Can I post this log with your name blanked out?
[20:48] Reliable_Source: Sure.
[20:48] PokeBeachWebsite: TY
[20:49] Reliable_Source: sure

So that’s that. Also, to defend myself, we studied the entire Watergate scandal in one day due to the AP test for US history being a week away, and us being behind. So, heh. :p Also, I have placed a translation order in to Vincent and Bangiras to translate that “Furthest Ends” and Manaphy stuff, so hopefully we will have some more info soon.